Class Descriptions

Dance Divisions and Programs

We offer a wide variety of dance classes. Below are brief descriptions of our divisions and programs.

Young Children's Division

Age (in September) 3 years through 1st Grade

Dedicated to our youngest students, these classes stress coordination, large motor skills development, musical and rhythmic awareness, spatial awareness and listening skills. Props, such as parachutes, scarves, rhythm sticks, bean bags, pom poms, musical instruments, etc. are used to help engage the students' attention and imagination. These classes include pre-ballet, tap and acrobatics. The 3 & 4 year-old classes are 45 minutes per week, and the Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes are one hour per week.

Students will perform one dance in our Winter Show, and they will perform a tap dance and a ballet dance at one of the Recital shows in the spring.

Main Dance Division

Age (in September) 2nd & 3rd Graders

2nd and 3rd Graders are offered the options of ballet, jazz/tap, and hip hop classes. Students will perform in our Winter Show and at one of our Recital shows in the spring.

Classes for 4th Graders and up include the options of jazz, tap, ballet, pointe (with instructor approval), hip hop, musical theater, lyrical, and contemporary. Students are enrolled in classes based on their age and dance experience, and are continually evaluated by our faculty to ensure proper placement. They learn in an environment that builds self-esteem and confidence. Dancers feel and see improvement as they progress through each level. Parents will feel reassured that their child is learning skills that will help them be a success both inside and outside the classroom. Students will perform at two or more of the Recital shows in the spring.

Kick Team Division

Age (in September) 4th Grade and up

The kick team levels from beginning to most advanced are: SPARKLERS, DAZZLERS, FLASH and ELITE. Placement is determined by instructor evaluation in May for current students and at summer kick workshops for new students. Kick Team members are required to take a Ballet class.

Our kick teams provide an opportunity for dancers to work on skills such as high kicks, leaps, turns, and precision movements that are incorporated in high school dance team routines. Kick teams emphasize teamwork, positive attitudes and good sportsmanship. All kick teams will perform in competitions and the spring Recital shows.

Competition Philosophy

Competition affords a performing opportunity that may be used as an additional instructional tool in dance. Competitions aid in developing a student’s poise, stage presence and self-esteem. We encourage studio spirit and stress the importance of good sportsmanship, team effort and perseverance towards a common goal.

Platinum Program

Age (in September) 2nd Grade and up

This program is designed for dancers who excel technically with the passion, dedication and desire to further their dance education in one or more genres of dance. Dancers in the Platinum Program are members of one or more of our Companies. They are selected through auditions during the Summer Intensives. The Companies perform at competitions and the Recital shows.

All Companies are required to take at least one ballet class per week. Jr. Elite Jazz/Contemporary Co. & Elite Jazz/Contemporary students must be taking two ballet classes per week. Pointe students and Lavender Ballet Co. members are required to take two ballet classes per week. Elite Peridot Ballet Co. students will need to take an additional Pink ballet class. The companies are listed below:

Ballet Companies



Musical Theater Companies



Lyrical Companies



Jazz / Contemporary Companies



Jazz Companies



Tap Companies